About Us

C R E V E is a new offering of interior architectural elements that are inspired by the most coveted interior styles.
C R E V E was created to help you elevate the look of your home.

C R E V E is different than other molding manufacturers. Our products are thoughtfully designed to meet the fresh, stylish and contemporary aesthetic of todays interior looks.

Our designs represent a “new timeless”- giving you the capability to create a space that defines who you are.  That reflects the sum total of the life events that have shaped your styles and preferences, in a uniquely evocative manner.




A little bit about us

Our name is derived from two words "créer" which means create in French and "ev" – the Turkish word for home. 

It is very important to us to keep our mission up front and center…

We are here to help you create the home that you love. 



C R E V E is the brainchild of a leading Polyurethane veteran and a notable creative visionary.

Mimi Salem is a product design expert and has been the creative officer at some of the industry's most sought after home brands.

I was renovating my home and was surprised that I couldn’t find the type of finishing details that I was visualizing” says Mimi.

“I reached out to Mark who by far had the best selection in the market and he immediately confirmed that he too was frustrated by the lack of newness in the category”.